Our wines

Crafting our own wine and establishing our brand has been a journey fueled by passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. We proudly introduce our two exclusive wine labels, each bearing the hallmark of our dedication to quality, environment and innovation.

With meticulous attention to detail, we have crafted every bottle, sourcing grapes from the finest vineyards and employing traditional techniques alongside modern advancements in winemaking. Our wines embody the unique terroir of their origins, capturing the essence of the land and the skill of our artisans.

Through our brands, we invite wine enthusiasts to embark on a sensory adventure, where every sip tells a story of craftsmanship, heritage, and the pursuit of perfection. Whether it’s the nuanced elegance of our whites or the robust character of our reds, each bottle reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to our discerning customers.

Join us in raising a glass to celebrate the culmination of our passion and expertise, embodied in every bottle of our meticulously crafted wines.


Le Rouge : 70% grenache, 15% carignan, 15% syrah

Le Blanc : 50% viognier, 30% roussanne, 20% marsanne


Le Rouge : 55% grenache, 35% syrah, 5% marselan, 5% carignan

Le Blanc : 45% vermentino et marsanne, 45% grenache et roussanne, 10% clairette

Le Rosé : 50% roussanne et vermentino, 50% cinsault et grenache noir